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Schoolboy From Dhaka Beaten In Public For False Allegation Of ‘Cow’ Theft

On January 13, a 14-year-old teenager from Dhaka was severely beaten by the village locals on a doubtful act of theft. The event took place in the Sundarganj Upazila, Gaibandha, on Friday, where the schoolboy was allegedly beaten up badly by the village locals.

Accusation Of Cow Steal

The victim’s brother told the media that his brother was falsely accused of a cow steal. Their neighbors named Fazlu, Iajol, and Nazmul came to their house in the evening and took the victim to Fazlu’s house. They abused and beat him throughout the night. The accused demanded Tk10,000 from the victim’s family in return for his release. Though they had only Tk3,000, they wouldn’t let him go. Instead, they took him to another friend’s house the next morning named Afsar Ali.

They hung him upside down with a rope in front of hundreds of village locals and exploited him. The 14-year-old teenager couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and become unconscious.

The video of the torture went viral, and after that, the family reached the police to file a complaint against the accused. The peasants threatened the family to keep quiet, too, but went in vain.

What Happened And Aftermath

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Nazrul Islam Noju owed money to his niece’s husband. To repay the sum, he gave one of his cows to Rahim, his niece’s husband.

This proved that the teen was falsely accused of the theft and beaten by the locals. Zaman also told the police that the 14-year-old was innocent, and he has no connection with the stealing.

The victim’s brother filed a case against all the 14 accused who mistreated his brother and brutally beaten and assaulted him in front of the village locals. Police already got hold of two of them named Aizal Mia and Rana Mia of Dhumaitari village.

The matter was finally resolved by setting up a meeting (both) among the village locals, and the boy was returned to his family. He was later admitted to the Sundarganj Upazila Health Complex for medication.

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