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Movie Date Ends With A Cold Bloody Murder; Woman Proven Guilty In Court For Shooting Her Lover

A Springfield resident was convicted on Friday and sentenced to a jail term of thirty years after she was accused of killing a man. The deceased and the convict Christina Duckett had gone for a movie date, and later on, the man’s dead body got found. The murder took place in September 2018. The 34-year-old woman underwent a trial before Judge Ron Carrier, who announced the verdict.

After a hearing in November, evidence pointed out that Duckett was guilty. Charges of second-degree murder and armed criminal action were brought against her for killing Joshua Brooks. During the hearing, Greene County Lawyer revealed that no purpose for killing the 40-year-old man could be unearthed. The victim had been shot dead, and several proofs indicated that Duckett was the one who shot him. But she has denied the claims and affirmed that she is innocent. Her lawyer confirmed that she intends to appeal against the guilty verdict.

Movie Date In September

According to the Springfield police and authorities. Duckett and Brooks went out for a movie on Sept. 8, 2018. Brooks was found dead in his vehicle the following morning on the street. Duckett informed the police that she had indeed gone on a date with Brooks on that day. After the date, he dropped her off to her place. But he was fine when she saw him for the last time.

Evidence Depicts A Different Story

In the trial which took place last year, some primary evidence was submitted before the court by the lawyer, which reveal discrepancies in the statements of the accused. One of Duckett’s friends confirmed that she confessed her crime to him. The bullets which were used to shoot Brooks were found at Duckett’s house by the police. Her cell phone data revealed that Duckett was present in the location where her date was killed that night. During the early inquiries, the accused blatantly lied to the deputies about the facts.

Judgment On Fair Terms

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Before Judge Carrier handed over his final decision, he declared that he had sentenced Duckett based on what could be identified. She was convicted of murder by a jury of her peers.

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