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Four Bullet Shots Screwed Basketball Match When 18-Year-Old Girl Gets Shot In Chest 

Four bullet shots were heard in the third quarter of a basketball match that left an 18-year-old girl to injury. The firing took place around 9:10 p.m. during a basketball game between South Oak Cliff and Justin F. Kimball High Schools inside Ellis Davis Field House.

The victim was shot in his chest and was immediately rushed to the hospital. A Dallas ISD officer was also injured in the back at the scene and was admitted to the hospital, but now she is ok.

Unveiling The Impregnable Match:

Investigations reveal that the incident must have emerged from a fight in the stands while the game was taking place.

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The Dallas police said that the two teens who fought the stand, got into a physical altercation before the crime took place. Both the teens were not enrolled in Dallas ISD.

The Strange Defendant:

Later, on Sunday, a 15 years old boy came to the police and surrendered himself before the police have admitted that he was the person who was involved in the gunfire that took place at the basketball court. After the teens’ confession, he has been arrested with assault charges by the police, but his name will not be disclosed as he is a juvenile.

After the arrest of the 15 years old, two more suspects of the incident were caught by the police. The two accused are also juveniles and have been identified by the police. There was a WFAA photographer inside the game, while the incident took place and have recorded the entire thing in a video.

The video was recorded in the 3rd quarter of the game. The sound of the firing of the four bullets, people rushing out of fear, and the police entering the stadium after the incident, all is recorded in the video.

About The Condemners:

Only three out of four are in the Police Custody. Police speculate the 4th one to be present in the photo of the three teens given in the image below.


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