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Collecting Laundry Turned Out To Be Vicious For A Woman In Whampoa Drive After She Fell From A 4th Storey Flat

The incident took place in Singapore when a 27-year-old Vietnamese based woman from Whampoa Drive fell from her 4th storey Housing Board flat while collecting laundry after she lost balance of her weight. The local police went directly to the scene where she fell off the building. She was believed to take out clothes from her balcony according to a Chinese newspaper report.

Situation Report

After the incident took place on January 13th at 7 pm, the Defence Officials went directly to the scene and took control of the situation. The woman was believed to be spending her vacation with friends and family and unfortunately stayed outside the back door of a hair salon situated on the first floor of the block. It was reported that she was grabbing on the bamboo stick attached with the cloth hanger to resist herself from falling on the floor.

After” fall.”

She was stuck on the bamboo stick after she lost her control. She fell on the ground after hanging for some time in the 2nd floor and fortunately saved herself from serious injuries.

Investigators found blood strains all around the back door of the salon and later cleared the area. A woman working at the store told the investigators how she heard a loud thump across the back door. She also added that she rushed back to her room to get help and to call the ambulance. They thought cleverly not to move her so that her wounds won’t spread.

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She is now reported to be taken care at a nearby hospital after she went through the accident. Officials understood the seriousness of the situation and decided to take care of the woman first and after that investigated the situation.

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