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A Texas Couple Charged With A Ridiculous Accusation Of Leaving Toddler In Running Car To Play Slot Machines

Texas Couple Has Been Accused Leaving Their Children Inside A Running Car To Play Slot

A Texas Couple had been accused of leaving behind their 16-month-old son in a running car to play slot machines at a convenience store Sunday night. Shortly after that, they left the store 30 minutes later to find their vehicle stolen from the parking lot, sources said. The authorities found the child roaming at a Harris County park nearly 20 miles away and were shivering in the cold, according to a news source.

The parents of the child, Kimberly Cook. Who is 21, and Anthony Blue, who is 29, was charged with child endangerment the sources claimed. One of the tweeters, StevenABC13 said in his tweet that is was enraging and miraculous at the same time. It was amusing that the baby taken in the stolen car was found at the park 20 miles away. The suspect has been arrested.

Along With The Suspect The Mom And Her Boyfriend Were Arrested Too

The couple was playing games inside a gas station, while the baby was left alone. This is the reason that the couple was arrested too. The suspects, Jabari Davis, who is 18, and Vincent Cannady, who is 19, were accused of stealing the Chrysler 300 were detained according to the news sources. 18-year-old Davis has been charged with kidnapping, auto theft, and felony evading.

On the other hand, 19-year-old Cannady was charged with auto theft and kidnapping. The whole incident unfolded around midnight at a Shell gasoline station in Humble. According to the sources, the store clerk said Cook and Blue were playing slot machines for nearly 30 minutes. The baby had been sleeping in the car, which was running. The couple was a frequent customer and sometimes used to bring the child into the store. The child has been released to his grandparents.

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