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9 Month Old Baby Taking His Last Breath After Father Driving The Illegal Marijuana Operation On Her

A case of fatality of a nine months old girl child. The brutal man is responsible for the incident and is accused of child abuse. Rader, who was then taking care of the nine months old girl, discovered her in the apartment and saw that the baby was not breathing. He immediately called out for the mother of the baby to see her daughter.

After looking at the situation, the mother of the nine months old. Flashed the light on a sheriff’s lieutenant, whom she located immediately. The Lieutenant followed her to the apartment, and later the three children were taken into the protective custody of the police.

The Corollary of Perverting:

Captain Brent said that the girl was injured when he was in the care of Rader, who is not the biological father of the child.

The girl remains in a critical situation and is hoped to be in such a condition. Rader’s two sons, one six years old and the other two years old, are not injured. They are taken under police custody for protection.

At The Crime Spot:

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At the site of the event, the officers found a marijuana grow operation at the apartment. Soon, on Friday, the Wichita Police found another case of child abuse of a two months old baby boy.

The victim, along with his twin sister, is now hospitalized and in critical condition. The investigation is still on its way.

Prosecution Against Indicted:

The accused of the nine months old baby girl is now taken under police custody on Friday. He has been charged for child abuse, child endangerment, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, cultivation of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The suspect is under the custody and has to pay a bond of $250,000. The police reached the place for rescue at around 11:20 p.m. Friday.

They assisted the fire department at an apartment complex in the 3600 blocks of West 13th Street, near West Street.


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