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Six Shots On 4 Homies, While They Were Asleep, Shockingly None Was Injured, One Suspect Is An Acquaintance

Fayette CO., .pan. – Twenty-three years old Colby Umbel solicited victims on Iris Street in Connellsville township. This incident was successful with the help of four other people. The homies were attacked while they were asleep, around 5:30 a.m. on 29th December. The police claim that Colby Umbel faces several charges.

Six fire shots;  all the homies safe

Amongst the people targeted were: two men of 23 and 50 years, a 47-year-old woman and a toddler of 1 year. Fortunately, even after six shots were fired, none of them was injured in the shooting, but two bullets came within feet of hitting them. However, the police couldn’t identify the four people who helped Umbell.

Suspects are close to the family; pet peeves the family

Appalling revelation by authorities stated that Umbell is an acquaintance of the mother of one year old. The 1year old toddler girl’s father was present at the scene during the cups, the authorities said. Criminal homicide, criminal mischief, terroristic, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, discharge of a fire alarm and attempted criminal murder, were some of the charges against Umbell. Investigators say many more commands can be forthcoming to WPXI.

Colby; a shooter or not, police wants to clear the air

Colby Umbell, 23, of west leisenring, is yet to be arraigned as of Friday night. The investigations are still ongoing. But one thing is still very much unclear whether Umbell was one of the shooters or he just hired people for him to do the task. Further details were not available immediately.

Faces of evil: Pennsylvania’s infamous criminals.

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This country is listed as the worst country due to the countless crimes until now. Gary Heidnik, poster boy, Mark spots, Hugo Selenski,  Elmo Noakes,  George Banks, Joseph Miller Jr., Eric Frein,  Jerry Sandusky, and the list is never-ending of these criminals, so called faces of evil.

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