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Tekashi69 Caught Up In A Major Federal Case Where Judge Takes His Side, Authority Of Law Questioned

Tekashi 6ix9ine Conviction Backed By Manhattan Judge

The federal judge in Manhatten stayed firm behind his decision in the sentence of a Nine Trey Gangsta Blood member whom Tekashi 6ix9ine helped put behind bars. The judge vouched for Daniel Hernandez’s believing his testimony was credible, a source reported. Anthony “Harv” Ellison, via his attorney, appealed for the judge to take control over the case, Judge Paul Engelmayer, last month. They succeeded in throwing out the guilty verdict due to supposed lies the rapper told while on the platform.

Daniel Hernandez, who is also known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, completely rocked the game in their favor when he gave the authorities everything they needed to know to put the men behind bars. Earlier, Daniel had accused Ellison of kidnapping him. 

The Judge Says He Feels The Evidence Is Overwhelming,  claim of ‘lack of credibility’ not convincing enough

The judge exclaimed Harv’s attack on Hernandez’s “lack of credibility” was not convincing enough. According to the sources. Ellison and his legal team had tried to convince the jury that the kidnapping scheme was just a pathetic attempt at promoting a newer record. The idea Hernandez and the other man created the plan to help further his rap career, and the judge told she was not at all supported by the evidence provided during the trial. Ellison will be sentenced on the 26th of February. 

Back in 2019, Mr. Hermandez had been sentenced to two years in prison. Many people argued whether justice was served or not. Some people on social media were surprised by the outcome. Few of them were noticed arguing on whether the time should have been lesser, considering how to cooperate the man was with the case. 

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The rap artist had reportedly begged the judge not to send him to jail. Further, Hermandez’s father had visited him that very day. When he saw his father in the court, he said out loud, “Is this a f*cking joke?”

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