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Don’t Mess With Her Family, Though The Police Can- Badass Mother To The Rescue, But Arrested After Posting A Video

Another amusing story from Florida. A Gainesville woman is accused of threatening the lives of some middle school students.

Claiming To Put A Bullet In The Heads Of Her Daughter’s Bullies

Gainesville Police arrested 29-year-old Cirea Dizera Oliver after she reportedly posted a video on Facebook. She made threats against the students and the staff, claiming to put a bullet in heads of her daughter’s bullies. She was trying to save her daughter and instead of checking in the bullying matter, the school called police on her. She felt she was right, but she was acting as a terrorist. She live-streamed the threat on Facebook, which was a foolish move.

The Socially Aware Police Department

According to police reports, one of the officers watched the live stream of Oliver. He took it to the authorities’ attention when Oliver claimed to kill every one of Gainesville Middle School.

Even the community reported the video to the police department. They applauded the community that they stepped up and are conscious of their surroundings. The school officials also notified the officers at that time, and they started investigating the matter further.

Arrested From The School

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Oliver claimed to show up to the school and try to threaten everybody again. The police arrived on the scene and stopped her in front of the school. She reached there without any weapon, but she will still face a charge of making threats of terror. She didn’t even think that now she put her daughter in an even more crucial situation with increased chances of bullying and assaults. She may not have had a weapon this time, but, she has had it once in the past. Police stated that Oliver had an active warrant of Cobb County for aggravated assault with a weapon. She is going to face more charges and is in deep trouble.

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