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A Depressed Mother Demanding Justice Over Smashing Her 8-Year-old Daughter To Death By Father’s Girlfriend

This is a case of sexual abuse and assault of an 8-year-old girl. This story covers all the facts relating to this horrific murder of the small innocent soul.

Detailing of the child ‘s Family :

The name of the 8-year-old girl who was the victim dead is Rica Rountree. Her father’s name is Richard Rountree, and Her mother’s name is Anntionetta Rountree. Even they have another teenage daughter. After many disputes and struggles, their marriage did not last, as they got divorced, and now Richard Rountree is living with his girlfriend, Cynthia Baker.

The grief of the mother of the victim :

Anntionetta Rountree told that she had visited courts for 101 times to take their daughter under her custody after their divorce. But in the end, she was given to Richard Rountree and Cynthia Baker. After the murder of the victim, she accused Richard Rountree and Cynthia Baker for the death of her daughter. She filed a  for sexually assaulting her daughter and eventually murdering her.

She further stated that the main reasons for the murder of her daughter were Richard Rountree and his teenage daughter.

Police Investigation and the Court Judgement :

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After a thorough investigation in the case, police have reported that Cynthia Baker kicked at the eight years old child’s stomach. Which lead to lo severe injuries and even her death due to her injuries and sustained attack. In addition to these, the videos at the jurors were a lot emotional as one showed Rica being forced to hold cans as she stood naked and shivering. In another video, Rica’s dad reportedly forced the girl to stand on her head. Richard Rountree’s teenaged daughter allegedly participated in the abuse as well.

So Richard Rountree was put under bars on Tuesday in McLean County jail, Illinois, on 100000 dollars bond. Cynthia Baker pleaded for another trial due to an insufficient lawsuit she got to defend her. Now she got herself a new one. Even Anntionetta Rountree wanted this new trial proposal of Cynthia Baker to happen so that Richard Rountree and his teenage daughter will be punished for what they deserve.

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