Start-Up Of The Case

The airstrikes on Iran by us of America certainly triggered several authorities. It also enraged various United States citizens. One among them was a pop star and singing sensation where Cardi B, who took it to social media to announce her displeasure in public. With the social media brimming with memes on a possible war between Iran and, therefore us of America, Cardi B is already prepared together with her escape plan. With her hopes held high, she seeks to fly right down to Nigeria and be a permanent citizen there. Moreover, the Nigerian officials have skilled her requests with open arms and are all smiles to receive the pop star.

Her Speech In The Media Coverage

The airstrike on Iran led to the death of a prominent Kateb Hezbollah leader, General Qasem Soliemani. He was involved in a lot of international crimes. But, the airstrike also triggered the Iranian Government, and if we are to believe the web trolls, then war is perhaps getting to happen. Cardi B’s tweet was targeted at the President of us of America, Donald Trump. She said that it had been a foolish move by Trump to kill the overall. The Bodak of the Yellow rapper’s hate for Trump comes from that time when she portrayed her feelings over the media, unwavering support for Bernie Sanders in 2016. She has rallied behind her since 2016. In the light of these events, Cardi is disappointed within the President and hence has condemned his actions.



Abike Dabiri-Orewa, the charge of the Diaspora of Nigeria, replied to Cardi’s tweet and said that the country would be quite happy to receive her. She also advised B to require a rehearse the Door of Badagry. With the conversation happening between, fans are left scratching their heads on is that the actress serious!


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