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Zach and Whitney Bates are getting famous on Instagram

Born on 12th September 1993, Whitney Bates is a native of the United States. Before her marriage, Whitney worked at a local restaurant as a waitress where Zach was a frequent customer. Nee Whitney Perkins met Zach Bates in the eatery where Whitney worked and very soon, the beloved Bates couple emerged. This famous couple soon became a media sensation with the birth of their first child; Bradley Gilvin in October 2014.

They then had a daughter, Kaci Lynn, in June 2016, and they have recently welcomed their third child; Khloe Eileen, to this world. This famous ‘Bringing Up Bates’ couple has kept their followers on Instagram up-to-date on all the happenings of their life. Their Instagram account; zachnwhitbates has 281,098 followers eager for new photos and videos to be uploaded.

Zach and Whitney have gained popularity through the platform of Instagram and are now among the lead couples on Instagram. From the time of their marriage till their third child now, Zach and Whitney Bates have been posting on their life and receiving many likes by dedicated fans.

Whitney also features on the ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Tv show and her Instagram account have only helped multiply her fame tenfold.  She also uses her Instagram account to upload sponsored posts for the lifestyle subscription box ‘FabFitFun’.

Zach and Whitney have shared with their fans their adventurous trip to Kauai, Hawaii for their honeymoon. By sharing the deepest of their feelings, fears, thoughts and uncertainties, they have managed to expand their following and popularity on Instagram. In this post of theirs, they have revealed their feelings and discussed every minute of their memorable trip with their trusted flowers.

The bond forged between this power couple and their fans is unbreakable. Their fans actively respond to show their ever-increasing support in comments meant to boost their spirits. On the other hand, they are equally enthusiastic in responding to these comments with praise and gratefulness. Whitney has felt it necessary to update her fans with even the most trivial of information like her craving for Oreo cereal and raspberries!

This relationship does not stop at that. The Bates couples are open about even the difficulties they have withstood. There is no barrier they haven’t crossed and none that their fans do not know about.

Shortly after their summer 2018 vow renewal ceremony, Whitney miscarried, but she explicitly discussed it with her supportive followers on 9th August 2018. Now, in her recent posts, the couple has happily announced the birth of Khloe Eileen. All through this ordeal and up until the big announcement, their fans have given their utmost love and support. The couple has also thanked them on every occasion.

With Instagram, Whitney and Zach Bates have managed to make it near the top of the social ladder. They have gotten fame on this platform and have forged a strong bond with thousands across the globe. Here, neither the couple, nor the followers hesitate in sharing their views and lending support. With regular updates, the couple is gaining popularity with every minute.

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