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Fight To Fame Is Reinventing The Way Celebrities Are Made

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, there are only a few. If you go on a stat-walk to calculate how many people out there make it into Hollywood, there might be results showing you a number very close to ‘0’. Yes, it is hard to join the world of Hollywood.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a total of 13,560 actors in the US on average in 2017. This does not only include ‘Big Screen’ actors but the average screenplay and theatre actors as well. Out of these, only 14% of actors were employed in 2016. In 2017, the percentage lowered to 11.

So while you are looking around for the number of ‘Big Screen’ actors in total, there are only 56 of these select few that are English speaking actors. As far as employment in the U.S. motion picture and the screen recording industry is concerned, only a few thousands of people join the industry every year. According to industry-wide statistics, in January of 2019, the industry employed 427,300, which is comparatively less than 429,800 people in 2018.

Out of these thousands of people, the ones who make it as stars are slim.

Making it in Hollywood

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While we’ve seen many studio producers and movie makers out there in recent years that seem fraudulent, the people relying on them usually get very little in reality. They risk losing their savings, if any, while they strive to become a celebrity.

The road to becoming a part of the Hollywood-scene is long and hard, but Fight to Fame is on a mission to change that.

What is Fight to Fame?

Fight to Fame is a reality TV show that turns fighters and boxers into Hollywood celebrities and action stars. A lot of action stars come from bodybuilding, the NFL, and even gymnastics. But it is a rarity when a fighter becomes an action star.

Fight to Fame gives the opportunity for fighters in any corner of the world to make their way into Hollywood as an action star and take on a ‘celebrity’ journey.

How Fight to Fame Works

To make this come true, Fight to Fame has adopted a very unique and creative model, “BMS” – Blockchain + Movie + Sports. By combining movies and sports on a blockchain-based platform, Fight to Fame creates a new way towards entertainment. It plans to launch in 2020, with 13 episodes filmed across the globe.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

For people on a mission to become action stars and celebrities in Hollywood, Fight to Fame offers a once in a lifetime chance. The top competitors will not only be starred in the action-based reality show, but also get real-time action in major upcoming Hollywood action movies.

Currently, Fight to Fame aims at the global expansion of its agenda. The company is leveraging blockchain technology to allow fans from around the world directly vote for their favorite fighters, boxers, and contestants.

The contestants in Fight to Fame will get a chance to compete in a sports tournament and ultimately, action-packed Hollywood shows. If they win, they make it to the entertainment industry where they will be trained to pursue their career as action heroes in the Hollywood industry.

To promote the agenda and move their word forward, Fight to Fame has a team of World Champion Fighters such as Chris Van Heerden, Rigan Machado, Prince Badi Ajamu, and more who will be working as ambassadors for Fight to Fame. These ambassadors will help find athletes in their respective regions and recruit them for this unique global competition.

Everyone has a chance

The best thing about Fight to Fame is that anyone with fighting skills can fight their way from the ring to the camera. The potential contestant has been given an invitation to register on Fight to Fame website for free. All they need to do is enter their name, contact information, some other important details like gender, nationality, and fighting style and make physical entries like height, weight, etc.

The Road to Fame

Contestants will have to take on rigorous training throughout their journey at Fight to Fame. They will be taught how to properly perform stage punching, stunt work, acting, all the while remaining in top-notch physical shape. Meanwhile, they also get to learn all about the media and how to rescue themselves from difficult questions posed in interviews.

The training is further divided into the following five phases:

Phase I: Registration

Phase II: Regional Contests

Phase III: The Grand Finale

Phase IV: Gold Belts are Distributed

Phase V: The Beginning of a Hollywood Career

In these training phases, a simple Fight to Fame participant gets the chance to shine like a Hollywood celebrity, blessing the average Joe with the opportunity of a lifetime. Making it into Hollywood has never been this creative.

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