Man Dares To Shoot His Wife And Stepsons In Front Of Cops; While Had The Audacity To Flee Away But Failed

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Raging conditions can make you suffer a lot afterward in your life. Not only you make degraded amends after, but your family has to suffer too. And if this rage is expressed on your loved ones, then the pain is of some other level. And the same strain was experienced by a dad who is charged for shooting bullets right at his wife and his stepsons.

Today the news incident comes straight from Jonesboro, Arkansas, where a man named Noah Johnson is arrested for charges of shooting and fleeing from police. The official police reports state that Noah fired shots at his wife and stepson and then ran from police after altering the presence of police vehicles.

Here’s A Reason What Happened.

According to the official affidavit, Jonesboro police first responded for shots fired in the 600-block of East Oak Street. The incident took its pace when Noah shot at a car in which his stepson was at the moment. He furiously shot the car aiming at his stepson and then forwarded it into his home. There he fired two more gunshots over his wife and stepson. And after a quick span of a moment, he left the place before the police team could have reached over the site.

He Came Back After Running Away Just To Get Caught.

After the police left the area with no sign of Noah anywhere, he came back again over to his house. Noah then again fired two more shots over his wife, demanding to get her to leave with him before the police come once more. His wife was somehow able to get free from her kidnapping, and the cops came once again. Noah then escaped from the hands of the police squad, but it was of no help.

After a car run-chase for a few blocks, the police got a firm hold of him. Currently, Noah is facing 3-counts of “Criminal attempt to commit murder,” “Aggravated Assault on a Family Member,” “Fleeing,” “DWI,” and “Careless Driving Charges.” Judge Tommy Fowler has set a $1 million cash-only bond for Johnson after he faced the jury just this past weekend.

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