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An Off- Duty Officer Came For Helping A Lady, But End Up Getting Assaulted By Group Of Teen

At EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KTVU), a lady’s cellphone was robbed by a group of teens, and an off- duty officer got injured in helping that lady. Police were called at that situation on 29th November night.

The description is given by mall security:

They explained the entire incident to the police. It all started when a lady confronted the group of teens after asking for her cellphone, which they have robbed. The teens refused to the statement and began to assault the lady. That off-duty officer tried to save her. But they surrounded him. One of them struck him on the back of the head. When he tried to run off. They attacked him again and injured him.


The off- duty officer added:

He told the police that he get into the mall and saw a lady arguing with some teens. When he heard clearly, he got to know that they have robbed her cellphone and refusing to return. He tried to capture pictures on his phone, but one girl from the group saw him. She stepped towards him. When he attempted to run off, they surrounded him and started attacking him. They injured him severely and ran out of the mall. He was saved when her girlfriend told the mall security that he is an off- duty officer.

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All the accusers have been captured in the CCTV footage of the mall’s camera. But still, police have found only two of them, one 14 years old and another is 16 years old. The officer is injured. His one finger is fractured and has bruises. His medical care is going on. Officer told the police that this was the third time he came forward to help someone in EMERYVILLE. Police is still investigating this case

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