8 Months Pregnant Woman Murdered By Shooting, While Her Younger Daughter Girl Paralyzed

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This shooting happened on Sunday night in Brownsville Apartments, Texas, USA. On Sunday night, a man encountered a pregnant woman, her daughter, and her mother.

Declarations gave by police and different acquaintances:

On Sunday night, at 9 o’clock, the police were alarmed. When they arrived at the crime scene, they found the dead body of a pregnant lady, a paralyzed girl, and an old lady with a shot on her hand. The eight months pregnant lady is known to be Alexis Branch, her eight-year-old paralyzed daughter, Malia, and mother of Alexis Branch, Carmen Johnson. Carmen Johnson has been shot on her one arm and not severely injured. Malia is paralyzed and suffering from several treatments.

The neighbors spell they could never think of this mishap. Tracinta Toomes, the neighbor, explained the police they don’t know anyone could have enemy relations with this lady’s family as they were very lovely.

The man or the accuser has been captured in a video clip of outside CCTV cameras, but till now, no one has agreed to know him. The cousin of Carmen Johnson and grandmother of Malia, Nina Singleton, is in a big shock after this offends. She stated to the police that she doesn’t know whoever did this; she wants him to stand under the bars. Police is continuously asking the surrounding people to help them in recognizing the criminal.

This mishap has destroyed the family, and the neighbors are praying for the best. Brownsville Apartments are covered with police for now. Police is trying their best to find out about the offender. They are promising to grab the criminal soon.

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