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Woman Was Resuscitated Five Times, Shocking Paramedics Claims That She Saw Jesus With A Halo Of Light At His Head

There are many pertinent questions about the afterlife. Some believe in the concept of heaven and hell, while some don’t. Some think that there is no such thing as an afterlife, that we merely cease to exist.

We only see what we want to see

However, there have been quite a several cases where people have died and “gone” to heaven or hell. These experiences are quite debatable. Because, for one, they can’t be verified, making them highly subjective.

Secondly, our minds tend to make things up, of what we expect heaven or hell to be. These experiences are usually a projection of what we have been told all our lives. If we believe that “God” is a man, we tend to see God as a man. Similarly, if we had been told that God is a woman, then we would see God as a woman in one of these “experiences.”

That is the case with a Phoenix woman who was “dead” for 27 minutes. She claimed that she saw Jesus Christ, with his backlit by a yellow glow and all that. He was standing before a set of black gates, she said in interviews after her recovery.

Tina Hines’ story of God

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Tina Hines was a woman of perfect health who worked out regularly but became the victim of cardiac arrest. Her husband and the paramedics had to resuscitate her over five times as she coded at the scene thrice.

When she did wake up again at the hospital, she was unable to speak. She asked her nephew for a pen and paper and scribbled down, “It’s real” and pointed up to the sky.

A little over a year after the incident, Maddie Johnson got that note tattooed on her and shared her aunt’s story. She said that what her aunt saw restored her faith in Christ.

However, as stated early on in this article, we tend to see what we have been told all our lives about death. Research shows that there is a surge in brain activity in the last few moments, and the bright light is just the highly active visual cortex.

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