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Two Corpse Discovered By Cops In Shallow Graves In St Thomas, Identified

Corpse identified

The cops in St Thomas have made significant discoveries. In classifying two bodies that were discovered in shallow graves in the parish last month.

The death has been recognised as 27-year-old Kajaye Rhoden of Yallahs and 24-year-old Akeem Williams of Port Morant and White Horses, all in St Thomas.

Following the conclusion of scientific tests, it was strengthened that a body that was excavated from a shallow grave near the Yallahs Pond on October 16, was of Rhoden.

A post-mortem report unveiled that he died from bullet injuries to the uppermost body. Investigators are continuing their probe in the exploration of his killers.

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A second body that was discovered in a shallow grave. At the back of a house in Pondside, Yallahs at about 1 pm on October 30. Was strengthened to be that of Williams. The approval came following the completion of DNA testing.

Williams was reported lost for two weeks ere his body was found by residents and relatives who had been rummaging for him. He died as a consequence of multiple stab injuries, according to a post-mortem report.


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