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Man From Tallahassee Makes $1200 Purchase On Fake Credit Card, Police Ask Public To Help A Month After The Incident

A man allegedly made a fraudulent purchase of worth $1200 in Tallahassee, and now police are looking for him. Cops are seeking help from the public to capture the culprit.

Man caught on CCTV

Although, Tallahassee Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit is investigating the incident. The credit card fraud and identity theft supposedly took place at Esposito’s. It is located at 2724 Capital Circle in Northeast Tallahassee.

Moreover, the culprit was caught on camera in one of the surveillance cameras in the area.
The City of Tallahassee Police department posted about the fraud on their official Facebook page. The post said that the suspect had used a counterfeit credit card to purchase on November 3.

The police urged the public to contact Investigator Kenny Pinkard if they had any information of relevance. Pinkard can be reached at 850-891-4395.

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However, A string of hashtags followed the Facebook post.

#CanYouIdentify, #HelpUsFindTheScammer, and #StopFraud were the tags that the cops used to ask the public for help.

A related case of credit card fraud

Similarly, last year, a woman from Tallahassee used a fake ID and credit card in attempting to get $250,000 from a bank.

A bank worker notified the police about Cathy O’Brien, aged 58, posing as a customer. The TPD responded to the attempted theft that took place on Apalachee Parkway at around 12:36 PM.

The BANK Made calls to the victim’s spouse, who is one of the account holders asking if the victim was in Florida. The spouse confirmed that the victim was not in Florida at that tie.
She gave a social security number that came back as belonging to a man in Iowa. She persisted and gave another SSN, which came back as belonging to a dead man in Tenessee.

O’Brien gave contradictory statements during the interview with investigators after requesting an attorney.

Although, She made statements such as, “Someone else told me to do this.”

“He told me to sign that.”

“I only did this to get enough money to take care of myself.”

However, She was arrested after considering the evidence and charged with two counts of fraud and first-degree grand theft. Additionally, she was accused of forgery of public records and bribing a financial institution.

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