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Liam Payne Rages Against Bouncer At Texas Bar For Not Allowing Maya Henry To Get In

The former One Direction member didn’t feel that Southern hospitality when he got into a heated argument at Texas bar on Friday night. According to TMZ, who obtained a video of the incident, the 26-year-old star was seen shouting at people. Including a bouncer who was there at San Antonio venue called the Silver Fox.

She’s 19 & She’s legal to drink

The publication reports a bouncer that he didn’t let him and his girlfriend to the bar, Maya Henry, who is 19 years old and she’s under the legal age to drink, into the venue.

In the recording, the 26-year-old Payne is seen walking out. Of the bar with mud-covered on his white button-down shirt and several people can be seen trying to hold him back. He approaches a bouncer and gets in.

Liam raging against the bouncer

“Don’t f**king push me again,” Liam shouted to bouncer it can be heard in the video. “I swear God I will lay your ass out.” they were able to get into the bar without any problems. Things became worse once they went outside and tried re-entering the Silver Fox.

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Security reportedly stopped the two after they found that Maya was too young to enter the bar. Liam tried forcing himself back into the venue, and that’s when things become worse with him getting knocked to the ground, TMZ reports.

According to the publication issued, the police were not called by anyone and the couple left on their own. At the time of the incident, 26 years old took to Insta stories to share his frustration. But ultimately, he deleted it.

“Three of the bouncers just jump on me for no reason while I was grabbing my ID.” His message reads the above. “I took pics of the whole which occurred there. I look forward to seeing you in court.”

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