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‘Do You Think The Defendant Is Handsome?’ DC Man Asked The Alleged Victim While Representing Himself During His Rape Trial; Now Troubled With Another Charges

A year, the victim had waited for a year before she could finally get justice. The man who she says threw her on the bed and had his brutal way with her. The man who still tried to humiliate her in front of the court was finally behind bars.

At least that was what had happened. DC man who had been initially charged with raping a woman is being tried again, with lesser charges. Lorenzo Graham has another opportunity in his hands as his October case results in a mistrial.

Not only has the defendant been given a re-trial, but his charges have also been downgraded from a first degree sexual assault to two misdemeanor counts of sexual assault.

The first trial:

Despite having no legal training, the defendant Lorenzo Graham represented himself. He was heard telling the court-appointed judge to shut up when he tried to interrupt.
The DC man who was accused of raping a woman in his room said that it was a lie. He said that what they made was “magic”- referring to sex.

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The man was also seen asking inappropriate questions to the victim like, “are you familiar with fifty shades of grey?”. When he asked, “do you think the defendant is handsome?” the judge even stopped the proceedings from sending the said man for a psychological examination.

The mistrial:

To no one’s shock, the man was sent to jail with 10 to 2 jury in favor of acquittal. But it was later found to have been biased.

The Jury had been informed to not check the defendant up or anything related to the case. It was found that the jury had checked the weather of the day to see if it was cold, like in the victim’s report.

They had also continued to see a video of the defendant, which was not sent as evidence.it was a video of the defendant talking in the police station that was sent to the judge’s room.
These inexcusable incidents made the first trial a mistrial.

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