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A Wild Predator Was Sentenced For Sexually Torturing A Girl, Of Age 5, At Her Home – But He Is Gonna Walk Out Free Before Christmas

A 31-year-old predator admits for sexually torturing and assaulting a girl who is under 12 at her home. He can walk out free before Christmas. He sexually assaulted a girl of age 5 called him her ‘best friend’.

Graham Robert Hamilton pleaded guilty in Gympie District Court, north of Brisbane and faced sentencing this week on three counts of indecent assault of a person under 12.

Can be out from bars before Christmas

He could be freed from prison by December 21 after serving a year in jail before the trial. At her home, Hamilton pushed the girl’s head towards his penis and made her lick it while her mother was there in the house.

He tortured her to touch his penis, and he gave hushing unpleasant sound. “He made me touch his penis and smudge over it,” “that was so unpleasant to me,” she said, crying.

“Yucky stuff it is”- she said

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The child told the court that “yucky stuff” went into her mouth and he made her touch his penis with hands and made some disgusting moves and noise. She said “he wanted me to do that” and called him her ‘best friend’.

Hamilton touched the girl inappropriately and made hushing sounds to her. She realised that’s the bad touch and tried to defend him. Hamilton’s action showed that he was ‘prepared to take advantage of the vulnerability of such a young child,” Judge said.

The judge said Hamilton’s plea showed his acceptance of guilt and helped the girl avoid any further trauma. Then Hamilton was sentenced to three years in jail which would be suspended after serving for a year.

For the other charges, he was sentenced for 12 months with three years probation. Hamilton had been for 341 days in jail before his sentencing hearing. And now he will be eligible for claiming parole on December 21.

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