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A Lover Or A Looney? A Girl Turns Things Upside Down Out Of Insanity, When A Female Friend Texts Her Boyfriend For School Homework.

 The Teenage or an Obscene age?

What we call it? Love or a headcase? All it seems to be that crazy love where the girl’s all a hard head when she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her on very mere and minor instances she sees or goes through. It’s some commonality when it comes to teenage love stories, as they are naive and frivolous.

Text - 0o Verizon 73% 11:05 AM 6 Seat 75 What time are you gonna finish up everything? Who is this? Oh my bad. Bianca lol? No where are you from? Houston? Your class??? So what are you texting about S

And The Nutcracker wonders, why even god?

Text - The assignment. It's due at 12 You took pics of my notes in class?? So I need the other page now You exchanged numbers for this? Uh is this the boy who sits in seat 75? iMessage A

But in these cases, things turn out to be a bit complex for the guy, as a female friend’s of his texted him to know certain details and doubts about the school homework. As soon as his girlfriend gets to know, it enraged her, and she got drunk in jealousy and started spying on him.

 A level up.

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Text - oo Verizon 11:05 AM 73% S 6 Seat 75 Idk where he sits. I'm just trying to make sure you're not texting my bf just for fun Oh no wtf lol is this fr? Girl idk your boys name tbh his name in my phone is "seat 75" let's not do this bc like I said hw is due tonight and you're embarrassing your man Literally it's stupid for you to text him asking when he'd be done like that not expecting me to be concerned

She then started reading his cell texts as well as started replying to it, which is some other level crazy we call it.

Text - oo Verizon 73% 11:05 AM S i 6 Seat 75 you Creep ad go your feelings hurt bring that up with him not me I'm just trying to get stuff done I'm worried Bc he's cheated before. This so awk lol I'm sorry. But if you're still so concerned maybe you should dump him girl Uh but this is his phone so where is he?? He's showering right but i know everyone tells me! It's so sad we'd been together since 10th grade and then he hard time in college. Oh this convo is a bit too much for me. So dump him an

It’s some a severe case of love combined with brutal possessiveness which resulted in a levelled up weirdness. That text will in-turn make the heads turn and make them say “does such level of crazy even exist in these modern times?”

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