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Toddler Shoots Himself To Death With A Loaded Gun Found At His Mum’s Home, Meanwhile Inattentive Gun Owner Sentenced To Just 4 Months

Toddler Tyler Burnett, 3, came across loaded weapon at home in Little Rock, Arkansas, and pointed it at his head. He was carried and rushed to the hospital. After hours, he was pronounced dead. Reco visited his friend’s house for a meet and forgot his loaded gun over his place. When Toddler Tyler has come across, he saw the gun and took it. He thought that it would be a toy gun and pulled the trigger pointing his head. Now he is dead. The gun owner Reco Ontreal Reed, 28, grabbed it and ran out after the boy killed himself. There were two other children in the apartment at that time. Reed was sentenced for five years for the manslaughter of three-year-old Tyler Burnett Tuesday.

Why did he bring a gun to home?

It is unclear why did Reed bring the gun into Burnett’s home. He was apprehended by police four hours later after he fled from the place. The dad of Burnett struck a plea agreement that saw him face a far lighter than the ten year maximum for manslaughter. The agreement also saw a charge of evidence tampering, which carries a maximum 20-year sentence, dropped.

The investigations made revealed no information regarding Why did he bring a weapon to his friend’s home?. And what are the parents doing when the kid was playing with the gun?.

Finally, Reco admitted for manslaughter a week before he was due to stand trial, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. The cousin of reed Maryanna Davis told KATV: “I was like, please don’t let that be my cousin because they play around with guns, like fake guns.”

Rule was born

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Now thirty-one states, including Arkansas, where this incident took place. Allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, although in some cases, the gun must be kept unloaded for safety reasons.

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