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Teen Attacked By A Group Of Men On A Subway In Brooklyn After Confirming He Was Not From A Gang, Robs His Sneakers And Flee Away

A teen was attacked while on a subway train in Crown Height, Brooklyn. The boy was beaten up and robbed by a group of men the police said on Thursday.

The robbery on the subway:

Not being the first of its kind, the attack happened on a No3 train while the teen was traveling. The group attacked him near Nostrand Avenue. The men stopped him and asked him if he was a part of any gang. When the teen said that he wasn’t, the group started beating him up.

The men took the 18-year-olds jacket, sneakers, and mobile before they left. The police have been having a tough time identifying the suspect.

Attacks on subways:

This is not the only instance where a man was attacked out of the blues on a tube. Subway robberies are quite familiar to everyone who uses it. Especially in NYC, Another incident had occurred on September 17th when a 24-year older man was attacked. The man had been walking home around 9:45 pm when a gang jumped him. The man was punched and kicked by his attackers and also robbed. The police later acquired the video of which with the help of a CCTV camera.

The reality of Gangs:

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The New York City police have a page known as “the reality of gangs.” Here they have emphasized why a person would join a gang. The protection one receives from a band might be reason enough that a group of people leaves you alone. Most people usually portray the wrong sides of a gang.

Joining a gang might indeed be harmful to health, but one must also learn to protect oneself if a young mind is nurtured right and is given a chance to learn to defend themselves. That alone can make the world a safer place to live in. Help the police in identifying the group of men who were responsible for the crim.  Submit tips to police by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (84777).

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