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Party With The Pals: Jenifer Aniston Spent Her Thanksgiving Day With Ex And Many Other Celebs

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When Jenifer Aniston joined Instagram, she came with a bang. She broke the record of the fastest one million followers on Instagram. Conspicuously, it is primarily because of her pretty face and the fame; she also has plenty of people she’s as thick as thieves with within the business who welcomed her to the social media world. And her bio reads, “My friends call me Jen.” During an interview in Dec 2018, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned her annual Friendsgiving celebration, which happens a day before Thanksgiving, where she invites lots of her friends, including him, to attend.

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Kimmel suggested that she should serve a different kind of cuisine, like Mexican, unlike the conventional Thanksgiving food that day. Therefore, Aniston cooked a plate of enchiladas just for Kimmel and took a video to celebrate the moment and uploaded it on instagram.

Blast With The Ghosts Of Past

Besides Kimmel, many other celebrities were invited. Including her ex-husband, actor, and filmmaker Justin Theroux. The two share a perfect bond and are on favorable terms with each other.

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Theroux, too, posted some of his photos and videos. From the event in his Instagram Story, vouchsafing few other guests, including very famous actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. Theroux tagged the group photo of all the guests with a caption “#fakesgiving,” adding, “Very VERY thankful for these friends and these nights.”

Friends Forever

Courtney Cox also graced the soirée. Theroux managed to catch a sweet moment of Cox on video in his story; you can see her talking to someone, presumably Aniston, expressing her admiration and love for the beautiful Jen. Cox then interrupts herself, asking Theroux not to film the rest of her toast, but then changes her mind. It seemed loved the party and had a lot of offers together, thanks to Jenifer.

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