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Deceased Woman Would Have Been Celebrating Her 29th Birthday Y’day ; Social Media Celebrates For Her

On November 28, Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, a Fort Worth resident, would have celebrated her 29th Birthday.

But unfortunately, Jefferson’s life met with a tragic end on October 12 when a Fort Worth Police Officer shot her. Aaron Dean dispatched in response to a non-emergency welfare check call placed by a concerned neighbour. The neighbour reported to the police after noticing the victim’s door open for several hours. The officer resigned his job before he could be fired due to the connection with the shooting.

We Wish You A Happy Birthday!

Dean, later charged and arrested for murder in Jefferson’s death. Meanwhile, concerned people on social media took the stage to celebrate the deceased victim’s birthday yesterday.

“Today, Atatiana Jefferson would turn 29 years old. Her whole family should be celebrating. But she was stolen from them. I know today is supposed to be a happy day, but @leemerrittesq and I are now connected with hundreds of families who’ve experienced unspeakable loss. And today is so hard for each of them. Please think about them today, keep them in your prayers, and commit yourselves to justice for each of them.”, a concerned friend took on Instagram.

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Atatiana Jefferson, an aspiring doctor who already secured a B.S in Biology from Xavier University. She was said to be working in pharmaceutical equipment sales to save herself enough for attending medical school.

“Atatiana Jefferson. Xavier University grad. Pre-Med.
Sad that we have to share this, but @LeeMerrittEsq and I have long since learned that the police department and DA’s will destroy the character of their victims if you let them.
Atatiana Jefferson was a kind, brilliant soul. Shot and killed in her own home by the Fort Worth Police Department.”, he posted in another Instagram video of the deceased explaining the features of a human skeleton.

The Gamer-Doctor Has Met Her Sad Demise.

The victim was a child of a close-knit family, and also a caretaker of her ill mother. According to the family’s attorney, Jefferson was a “gamer”.  She was playing video games, on the morning of her senseless murder. She was playing with her 8-year old nephew, Zion.

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