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Travis Scott Still In Love With Kylie But For Now Just Wanting To Make Music The Only Priority In His Life – Sources  

The famous Hollywood pair Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are split in recent times. But Scott, still in love with his ex Kylie Jenner.

Travis Still Loves Her But Want To Move on

He felt as their relationship was too fast and too soon. Even though the couple split but Scott still remembers their love life. And also he wants to be live his life and travel along with other people. He even doesn’t want to worry about always going back to his family. The pair got separated and confirmed their separation in October.

The rapper is 28 years old, and the Kylie cosmetic founder is 22 years old. Both were decided to take a break from their relationship together after more than two years. The new member is entered quietly in February 2018. Now their daughter Stormi was 21 months old. After the Grammy nominee, who insistently shuts down the rumor that he cheated, came out after a few months of the split.

Kylie Confirmed As Both Were In Good Terms

To clear all his rumors, he took to Instagram, and he put stories as he felt unfortunate, and it is more affecting hearing false things. He stated as these untrue things about cheating are entirely not true, he said. And the real thing at the moment to him is to focus on music, life, and the family he clarifies. Coming to the theory of couple’s break up in October came up to clean the fans via twitter with the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

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Kylie confirmed as she and Travis are in excellent terms, and they are focusing on Stormi. Also, she wrote at the same time as their friendship and Store are essential than any other thing. Since calling it quits, at Drake’s Halloween party, the artist, Jenner, looked like getting cozy with the rapper Drake. Recently, Drake and Kylie’s friendship took over romantically. They were together and very affectionate. And both of them keeping things as causal ones and don’t want to jeopardize their relation without crossing significant boundaries.

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