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Murdering 2 Doctors In Boston, Man Gets Out Of Custody Due To “Less Evidence”; Pleads Not Guilty

The news comes from Boston a husband and his wife, both doctors, were murdered in their condo by the building’s caretaker. The husband successfully texted his acquaintance to get aid but got nothing in return. And after the ongoing investigation, the alleged person has been taken into custody but has been pleaded not guilty.

The case dates back to May 2017 when two doctor-couple Lina Bolanos, 38 and Richard Field, 49 were made to take their last breath in their own home. Both were known anesthesiologists of the area and had no particular record regarding any violent behaviour according to the police investigation reports. The murder was a planned one, and the murderer was waiting in their house beforehand.

Why Would Someone Do Something Like This?

The character’s name has been released as Bampumim Teixeira who was working as a concierge in the building where the doctors two lived. Somehow he measured the time they got back and found the right time to sneak into their residence. The penthouse was located on the 11th floor of the building.

When both the duo entered the house, they suspected the presence of someone there. The field immediately called 911 and texted his friend who did get the message but got no response in return while calling. The dispatch team quickly reached over the scene and shot down Teixeira.

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According To The Dispatch Team, “Field was found dead in a pool of his blood. The body’s hands were bound behind Field’s back with handcuffs. Lina was also in the pool of her blood after having been stabbed repeatedly in the neck.” Defence attorney Steven Sack has stated that the case has no base of reality. “No video, no audio, no scientific evidence, no credible evidence will tell you that Bampumim Teixeira broke into the home of Lina Bolanos and Richard Field and murdered both of them,” Sack stated in front of the jury and media.

 His Friend Did Nothing, Literally Nothing.

“I was confused for the first minutes,” Matthias Heidenreich stated in the courtroom for the hearing of the case last week. He was a friend to Field and was the first one to get contacted after 911 by Field. “I did not realise what the text means, wasn’t sure what it is,” Heidenreich concluded. Lina worked as a ‘Pediatric Anesthesiologist’ at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear hospital. Field worked as the same post in the North Shore Pain Management facility.

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