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Man Enormously Drank 40 Rounds Of Alcohol Before Dropping 3 Kids To School; Deadly Car Crash Leads To Kill One Son

Father drinks 40 cans of alcohol before crashing his car and killing his son, sentenced to eight years in prison.

40 Boxes Of Alcohol ??! Not advisable For Driving.

Thomas Richard Baksh, from Kialla, drank cans of Wild Turkey and Bourbon at a birthday party before getting behind the wheel last year. The drunk Victorian drove his three children back to McDonald’s before crashing the car. His 12-year-old son was in the passenger’s seat, and his other along with his teen stepdaughter was in the backseat.

The deceased son, Daniel Baksh, was dead at the scene when his drunk father oversteered and drove into a pole on Wanganui Road. The blood alcohol reading in the learner driver’s blood was 0.152, which is three times the allowable mark, had cannabis in his system.

Richard, 36, pleaded guilty for his fatal driving, causing death and two counts of reckless conduct for endangering life. He will serve a minimum of five years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

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The father consumed tons of Bourbon before driving his unregistered car with his three children to the nearby food center. CCTV footage witnessed Baksh mounting his curb and drinking from a can when his stepdaughter and younger son were buying food. It also saw the clip a curb as he drove from the drive-by towards the Wanganui road.

“But I got drunk, I f***ed up and killed my son.”!!!

Daniel Baksh, the son, was pinned between the dash and the pole and was killed at the spot. The car oversteered, causing a spin in a clockwise direction before smashing the passenger side of the vehicle into the wooden pole.

The learner driver later told the police he could not remember anything from the crash but just flashes of him trying to save his son.

The other two children, not wearing seatbelts, survived the crash with minor injuries.

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