YouTuber, Prankster Paige Ginn Gross Farts Reveals The Gender, Goes Viral

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We have all seen various types of gender reveals. It can be in a cake or a box, the color of the balloon or inside the balloon. Once even the H&M tower changed its color to pink to reveal a girl child. But those are all so cute.

What’s not so cute is farting a gender reveal. It seems that that boundary long been crossed by the music artist and YouTuber Paige Ginn.

The video of the grossest gender reveal:

The 7 seconds video uploaded by the prankster Paige Ginn shows her lying semi-nude on the floor. She then farts out blue dust unveiling, “It’s a boy.” The video was watched by 291,000 viewers since its reveal two days ago. It is safe to say that the video has gone viral.

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Gender Reveal 🍼👶🏻

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The Artist has made a behind the scene video for it, which was posted today morning. It looks like she is happy with the previous video gone viral.

Some say that the video was poking fun at the ever-increasing elaborations that go into a gender reveal.

Behind the scene:

They also explained the process and how hard it was to make the video.

To no one’s surprise, Paige admitted that it was her idea to make such a video. The prankster succeeds in making it the shortest video. She also revealed that she was sitting on this idea for months.

It is revealed, there was no actual baby shower. The setting just made it look like it.

Poking fun at the gender reveal?

There are theories that the main objective of the video was to poke fun. The footage showed Paige naked from the waist down. The actress was seen farting as stinky blue dust blew out of her butt crack.

The camera then panned out to three ladies on the corner who squealed in delight. A proper show of how people are expected to behave in spite of it being gross.


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