Twins Who Tragically Died In A Hot Car Due To Father Negligence, Finally Have The Guts To Reveal The Actual Truth Behind The Incident

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Marissa Rodriguez is still grieving the loss of her two babies who died after their father last them in a hot car.

How Exactly Did The Two Babies Die?

According to sources, Marissa Rodriguez finally opened up in Dr. Phil to talk about the tragedy that shook her. From the information circulating, it had been revealed that the father of the twins had forgotten about the twins in the car. He believed that he had already dropped them off at daycare but unfortunately discovered his mistake too late.

Juan Rodriguez was horrified to find his two infants still in the car when he returned from work. He had not realized it even after he got back in the car. It was only after he drove for another two blocks and he looked at the rearview mirror, did he notice the two infants.

As soon as he saw the twins still in their car seats, he immediately pulled over to check on them. Sadly, he found that the twins were unresponsive and foaming at the mouth. According to sources, Juan Rodriguez told the police, who responded to the scene, that he had blanked out and that he had killed his babies.

Although this tragic accident happened due to the father’s negligence, Juan Rodriguez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was charged with two counts each of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child.

What Will Marissa Rodriguez Reveal In Dr. Phil?

Marissa Rodriguez’s interview on Dr. Phil has been set to air on 14th November 2019, which is today. Her interview will cover more or less everything about this incident. She will talk about how she first found out about her children’s death and how she’s coping with it.

This interview also has some exclusive content about her feeling towards her husband and why she is still standing by him. Marissa Rodriguez has already proven that she still lives her husband. She also does not want her husband to go to jail for this, either.

Marissa Rodriguez also reveals some things she wants other parents to learn from their loss in her interview with Dr. Phil.

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