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Tipsy Mother Drive, Made 15-Years-Old Daughter Jump From The Car Window, Subsequently Mother’s Car Ran Over Her Foot

A Wickenburg mother is facing about 12 charges for drunk and driving.

Drunk mother;

The mother, whose identity has been revealed as Jennifer Coppedge, was found drunk and driving. Additionally, she had her three young children in the car as she drove intoxicated. When the eldest daughter jumped out of the vehicle, the more subsequently ran over her foot.

The police have confronted the case with about twelve charges. Since police say, she was not only drinking while at the same time driving, but she also ran over to adolescent daughter that jumped out of the vehicle.

The investigation of 38-year-old Jennifer Coppedge began when after an unknown person called 911. The incident was made aware to locals when the mother was heard yelling at her daughter at the Wickenburg Community Hospital last weekend ago. This news comes in accord with court administrative work.

Daughter testifies against mother;

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Police officials have said that the 15-year-old girl has testified against her mother. She told the police that  Coppedge had been drinking before she picked the children up. Coppedge also has a 12-year-old child and a 2-year-old little girl. They, too, were in the vehicle.

The 15-year-old jumped out of the vehicle when she found out that Coppedge was drunk. After she dropped out, Coppedge ran her car over her daughter’s leg, according to police reports. The girl endured several cuts and injuries on her body.

Police, too, claims that the mother was drunk. This has been known because when they talked to Coppedge, they could smell the liquor on her breath. Additionally, she had ragged-looking watery eyes and made slurred conversation.

The 15-year-old daughter also revealed that back in August, Coppedge over and again punched her daughter in the face while she was intoxicated.

Police captured Coppedge was captured just before 3 a.m. on Saturday.

The mother now faces three counts of risk. Further two counts of irritated DUI with a passenger under 15 years of age, aggravated DUI with an interlock gadget, one count of foolish kid misuse, two counts of attack, one count of enabling a minor to drive, and one count of having another person start the vehicle with an interlock gadget.

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