Substitute Teacher Rapes 16-Year-Old Student At Her Parent’s House; Tells Police ”She STUCK It In Real Quick”

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A substitute teacher sexually assaulted a teenage boy for two years. Olivia Huerta, 23, was eventually charged on Thursday. According to reports, she sexually assaulted the boy when he was barely 16 years old. Olivia met the boy in March 2018 while teaching at Sam Rayburn High School, Pasadena, California.

The alleged victim is charged with two second-degree felonies

Olivia has been charged with two second-degree crimes. The charges include an improper relationship with a student as well as the sexual assault of a child between 14 and 17 years old.

The alleged victim’s identity is not revealed. However, the victim told a classmate-friend about sexual abuse and relationship. Immediately, the classmate informed the school teachers. Lastly, the school administrators went ahead and called the cops.

Then the police interviewed the boy. He told the police that he met Huerta in early 2018. She had substituted in one of his classes. Allegedly, he walked with Olivia to her parent’s house, which was close to the school. Moreover, she sexually assaulted him for the first time at that house. Since then, their relationship has continued for almost two years.

The officials also questioned Huerta and hence, gave a statement. She confessed to sexually assaulting the boy. Not only that, but she was caught saying that she ‘stuck it in’ real quick. Furthermore, police dug through Huerta’s phone. They found messages between the two. In one such note, he tells her, “I remember the day you raped me.”

Huerta has been fired from her teaching job

The two also spoke to each other via Snapchat. Olivia is no longer a teacher and has been fired from the Pasadena Independent School District. “The accused individual was promptly removed from campus and is no longer employed by Pasadena ISD.,” the statement said.

Olivia is currently released on a bond of $20,000. She is scheduled to have another court date. However, the time hasn’t been fixed yet. A judge has instructed her to stay away from the boy. She cannot contact him at all.

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