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Jennifer Aniston Gives The Most ‘Rachel’ Answer When She Is Asked About Matthew Perry And Courtney Cox’s Lunch Date 

Jennifer Aniston still has her killer comedic timing! The actress recently attended the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Patron of the Artists Awards in Los Angeles. On the red carpet for the event, she was asked about Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry’s lunch date. Aniston had a witty reply ready. 

Jennifer Aniston Honoured At SAG AFTRA 

The 50-year-old was one of the recipients of the honour and was feeling a little nervous. Entertainment Tonight talked to the actress before the award show started. She said she was feeling a bit jittery to receive the award. Yes, even Jennifer Aniston gets scared to go up on stage even now.  

Besties Courtney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Show Support 

But what made it better was the support she got from her Friends. Her besties on the show and off Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow made sure to attend the awards show. They were cheering on for her when she accepted the award. Aww… If that doesn’t melt the hearts of every Friends’ fan, what will? 

Aniston called their support for her “incredible.” She added, “It’s like having your family stand right behind you because these things are a little nerve-wracking.” Veering the conversation to something more lighthearted, the reporter asked Aniston about Cox’s and Perry’s reunion. The two recently went out for lunch and uploaded a sweet selfie on Instagram. The internet went wild for it. 

Aniston Comments On Cox And Matthew Perry’s Lunch Date 

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After all, it isn’t every day that we see Chandler and Monica having a meal outside our screens. But Aniston was less impressed. She joked, “I know! How come we don’t get invited to that?” The actress herself broke the internet last month when she joined Instagram. And her first post was a reunion picture of the six Friends. 

Of course, reboot rumours started doing the rounds. The cult show still has a very loyal following and are clamouring for an official reunion. But the show’s creators aren’t very keen. They have been very upfront and firm about wanting to leave the show as it is. 

Still, one can dream.  

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