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Crazy For Fame; Mother Adopts Children And Exploits Them For Fame On Youtube

A group of children were manipulated to perform for YouTube. The adoptive mother abused her children for youtube videos.

Exploited for youtube;

The children are receiving a series of vicious assault and abuse from their YouTuber mother. The children’s parent was an adoptive mother in Arizona. The mother has been accused of abusing and starving the children. Horrifyingly, The children recently died in the hospital.

The 48-year-old mother has been identified as Machelle Hobson. The mother ran a channel on youtube titled Fantastic Adventures channel. The mother frequently posted on the video-sharing platform, YouTube.
Incident reports have claimed that the mother used to abuse the children. She used to thrash, starve, and spray pepper spray onto the children just for her video content for the channel. She went to the extent of even locking the seven kids to make them involved as a part in her money-making dream through the means of YouTube videos.

Charged with 24 counts;

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Well deservingly, the mother has been charged with 24 counts of felonies which include child abuse, kidnapping, and aggravated domestic battery. The mother has pleaded not guilty of her crime. However, she was due to appear on trial. Before before she could make that, the mother died at the hospital in Scottsdale.

Maricopa Police Department has assigned Ricardo Alvarado to report about the incident. He has claimed that the suspect died in the hospital. Alvardo has not revealed the cause of death.

The seven children were always the subject of the mother’s torture and abuse. They were all malnourished. The famous YouTuber had around 800,000 subscribers. She was also accused of using pepper spray on a child’s genitals. In a torturing instance, the children were left to exposed in the dark closet for five days. They were left without food and water to drink. Additionally, the children were also convinced to have a ice bath.

The children’s ages range from 5 to 15, and these children reported to the police that they were ruthlessly beaten and locked into a dark room if they forgot their lines. The authorities claimed that the children hadn’t been educated.

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