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86, Old Grandpa Raped His Granddaughte Since The Time “She Studied In 8th Grade, Caught After Years For Crime

In West Nusa Tenggara’s (NTB) Bima district, a man, 86 years old, has been arrested for raping his granddaughter.

What Caused The Police To Suspect, The Grandfather?

According to sources, the spokesperson for the NTB Police revealed some information regarding this case. The spokesperson said that the Bima Police’s Women and Child Protection Unit were examing this case. They were also investigating the matter more thoroughly to try and solve this case.

It was also revealed that the victim was a minor and that the sexual abuse had resulted in pregnancy. The grandfather was arrested on Tuesday, and it was his daughter who reported him. His daughter had filed a case against him to the police.

The victim of this crime was the suspect’s granddaughter. She was just a high school student. According to reports, this victim had been sexually abused, not only once or twice, but multiple times. And this sexual abuse has been going on since she was in middle school.

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According to sources, the victim had been living with the suspect since she was a child. It is also known that the victim and suspect are blood-related granddaughter and grandfather. From the sources that listened to the victim’s story, it was revealed that the victim had been sexually abused since she was in Grade 8.

What Else Do We Know About This Case?

The police have also found out that the grandfather was not the only suspect in this case. This case got more complicated as three other people participated in raping the victim. These vile men had raped that poor girl on multiple occasions since 2017. These men have also been identified, but their names have not been revealed. This is the same for the grandfather as well as the victim.

So now, the police are continuing with their investigation and questioning the victim as well as the witnesses. The police are also busy examining the crime scene and gathering the evidence to arrest other possible suspects.

Sexual abuse is a serious crime anywhere in the world. By Indonesian law, sexual abuse os a minor is a crime punishable with up to 15 years in prison. The grandfather, in this case, might face an increased sentence due to his biological connection to the victim.

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