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Mother Left Screaming In Shock As Ac Unit Falls On 2-Year-Old Sitting In A Stroller From The 8th Floor Window, Made Toddler Dead On The Spot

In a freak accident, a 2-year-old girl was struck by a falling air conditioning unit on Monday and died from her injuries.

Improperly installed air conditioning unit to be the cause;

A 2-year-old girl passed away on Monday in Toronto. At around 3:30 p.m. Monday the accident took place. An air conditioning unit fell from the 8th-floor window of a building and landed right on the child’s stroller. The child passed away due to the impact of the injuries.

The incident took place in a Toronto Community Housing (TCH) apartment building. The building was on Lawrence Avenue East and Mossbank Drive, near Scarborough Golf Club Road.  at around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

Investigators have told a News source that the mother was returning home with her three young children following picking two of them up from school. According to the police, The two-year-old victim was in her stroller when the air-conditioning unit fell from the eighth floor of the building and struck her. The mother, who was pushing the stroller, is unharmed physically.

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Paramedics were quick to arrive and rush the child to the hospital. Regrettably, the child was pronounced dead as an impact of her injuries.

Recalling the incident a resident Sherene Bromfield says that she witnessed the incident from her building balcony. She heard the mother screaming and trying to revive her daughter. Subsequently, Bromfield grabbed just her keys and ran downstairs to console the grief-stricken mother.

The mayor John Tory also expressed his grief and condolences regarding the incident. He said, “[It was a] freak accident that none the less, took a life,” he said. “I’m happy police are conducting an investigation, and Toronto community housing will have to do the same.”

Accidental death;

Police officers have told News sources that they intent on conducting a forensic investigation. Additionally, they are looking for any surveillance video or witnesses. This is a step to ensure they know exactly what had happened. However,  current preliminary information suggests the incident was a tragic accident with no one at blame.

The girl’s family, however, has appointed a lawyer.

The housing provider has said that it is currently reviewing the incident. They have promised to take “appropriate action once the facts are known.”.

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