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Investigation Reveals Daughter Murdered Her Own Disabled Mother For $9000 Using Painkillers And Sedatives For Financial Gain

Cases of children abandoning their parents after extracting all their finances are cruel and heartbreaking to hear. There are instances when they physically abuse elderly parents who are entirely dependent on their children. Some even go to the extreme of murdering their parents to benefit from their worldly possessions.

Tried to keep mother in a semi-conscious state

A woman from Sarasota, Florida, had done precisely that. She allegedly killed her mother, who was disabled using a combination of sedatives and painkillers.

Josephine Scheid, aged 36, was arrested last week, on Thursday, for first-degree murder. The arrest was made on November 7 at her home on trails Drive out of cape may County, New Jersey.

Her mother, Gabrielle Michaelis, was disabled and unable to take care of herself. Prosecutors say that the daughter purposely over-medicated Michaelis. She did this to keep her in a semi-conscious to a comatose state, which eventually led to her death.

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The investigation began in December 2018 following a tip about a suspicious death. The Chief State Medical Examiner ruled the manner of death a homicide in 2019. The cause of death was identified as intoxication due to hydro morphine, alprazolam, and lorazepam.

Daughter faces numerous charges

Adding to the first-degree murder charge, Scheid is also facing a few other charges. These include a charge of second-degree computer criminal activity. Adding to that is a charge of third-degree misapplication of trusted property. She had transferred $9,000 into her personal account from her mother’s estate. She also faces a charge of third-degree perjury for lying to investigators. Scheid also faces charges of fourth-degree tampering with evidence. A fourth-degree obstruction of the administration of law is also one of the charges she faces. She had allegedly deleted information from her mother’s cellphone. The daughter is also charged with third-degree abandonment/neglect of an older person. Additionally, she faces charges of third endangering of an injured victim, and third-degree restrain.

An obituary announcing Michaelis’ death says she died at the age of 58 on October 31, 2018. The disabled elder woman lived in Bradenton before moving to Belleplain, New Jersey. The daughter is currently awaiting extradition.

Cases like these make us wonder where we are headed as a society.

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