Instead Of Curing, Rehab Male Nurse In Sacramento Accused Of Sexual Assaulting Patients

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It’s the Veteran’s Day celebration for everyone in the United States. Everyone is celebrating and feeling proud while people in Sacramento feel like nothing else can make them feel happy because a man from Sacramento, California has been taken under custody for the accusation of sexually assaulting patients at the facility where he worked.

The Folsom police in California State have arrested a man. The man, who origins from Sacramento, worked at a rehab facility. He worked at a rehabilitation centre in Sacramento. The officials have not stated the name of the rehab facility. More crucial details that we have gathered is present down below.

Who Is This Man?

Gregory Allen Harms, a 61-year-old man, was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail. As stated by a Monday news release from the Folsom Police Department, the man is under the accusation of sexual misconduct with fellow patients. He has been taken under the case of three felony counts of sexual assault. The final call for arrest was made on Friday and was taken care of.

Gregory has been accused of sexual misconduct with one of the patients at the rehab. The case dates back to January this year but is seen now thoroughly. The Folsom Police authorities have stated, “The arrest was part of a long investigation where detectives uncovered a prior victim”. Currently, Harms is under the supervision of the Sacramento County Jail for the alleged sexual assault charges. He is due in court on Wednesday. Harms is not eligible for bail too.

Nowadays Many Mishaps Are Going On In Sacramento.

A case of a young woman who saved many lives of her surrounding peer but had to suffer for herself it was recently released in the press. The price that she paid for saving other’s life coated her own life in the line. The Sacramento’s County Sheriff Department released footage made just along with the happening of the incident. The woman killed in the event was Chanell Brown. The alleged male was brought down by the police force, but they failed to save the girl in the process.

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