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After Being Missing For Months, 90s Actor, Charles Levin, Declared Dead In A Freaky Accident Fall

The Seinfeld actor Charles Levin recently found dead. The cause of his death has been determined as an accident while driving.

Accidental death;

A news source has revealed that Charles Levin died from an accidental fall at the age of 70. Although he died four months ago, the cause of his death has just been determined.  Four months after his body was, the reason behind his death has now been known.

The actor’s body was found and determined as dead in a remote area of southern Oregon on July 13. The actor had been reported as missing on July 8.

Authorities have further investigated the incident. While driving on mountain roads, the actor got lost. He possibly fell after exiting his vehicle. Due to this, the possibility of Suicide and foul play can be ruled out. According to police reports obtained by news sources, Levin was driving his car when he got lost. He was stranded near Cave Junction. However, his vehicle was eventually discovered, disabled due to terrain and four miles off the nearest asphalt road. Subsequently, death has officially been declared as an accident.

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Horrifyingly, the car was completely stuck. There was evidence around the front tires of the vehicle. It showed the actors attempt to free it. Levin’s dog pug, Boo Bear, was also found deceased in the vehicle.

On further searching, the body of the actor was eventually discovered at the bottom of a ravine.

Made Innumerable Appearances;

Charles Levin was best known for his roles in “Seinfeld,” “Annie Hall,” and “This Is Spinal Tap.”

Levin’s friend Julie Hutt was the last saw him before he disappeared.  She revealed to a news source that he had been preparing to move from Grants Pass, Oregon to Cave Junction.

Levins’ 34-year-old son reported his fathers’ disappearance.

Charles appeared on many TV shows from the 1970s to the 1990s. Some notable appearances include Law & Order and the pilot episode of Golden Girls. He shot to fame on  Seinfeld. On Seinfeld, Levin played the role of an irritable mohel in the event “The Bris,” It aired in 1993. Additional credits include the Woody Allen film, Annie Hall.

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