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Well, Known Animal Rescuer Philly Got Murdered By A 14-Year-Old Girl In Northeast Philadelphia- Reason Still Unknown

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, homicide statistics for 2019 represent the daily count (statistics reflect the accurate count during regular business hours, Monday through Friday) and the year-to-date total for victims of homicide. And they are subject to reclassification according to the rules and regulations of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) guidelines. The homicide statistics for years 2007 – 2018 has been submitted to the FBI as the final UCR numbers for the City of Philadelphia. The rates of Homicides till this date in 2019 are 304, which had a rise of 6% compared to the last, year.

A 14-year-old girl murdered a well-known animal rescuer. She forced him to death for unknown reasons. He was found inside the Northeast Philadelphia apartment where he lived with his 11 cats, as per the officials said on Saturday. This incident has many twists and turns, but as of now, no severe breakthrough has been made.

Philadelphia Continues With Its Death Traps Another Victim Of The Cruel Society

Albert Chernoff, a native of Northeast Philadelphia. He was a longtime city employee and used to work as a building maintenance supervisor at Philadelphia International Airport.

The body of Albert Chernoff was discovered at 3 a.m. Tuesday. He had partially bounded to a mattress with a large head wound and slashing injuries in his chest. The Philadelphia police were on the case as soon as they got to know about the incident. The arrest was made on Thursday. The suspect was seen going around the victim’s kitchen on a security camera. The nickname of “Alley Cat called Chernoff”. Although, He also used the name as of his one-person cat-rescue operation. He appeared on the NATGeoTV reality show Rescue Ink about tattooed bikers campaigning against animal abuse. He was a well-known face in the locality, and the sudden demise has saddened everyone.

How Does A 14-year-old Girl Murder A Man And Keeps So Calm?

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Police later released surveillance video that shows the teen casually walking through the apartment. Then entering the living room and later joining the kitchen to wash her hands. Before leaving the place, she also looked into the refrigerator and the freezer.

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