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This What Kanye West Gifted Kim Kardashian On Her Birthday Of Worth $1 Million

Kim Kardashian’s most recent birthday gift from Kanye West is what everyone has been talking about. It is one of the most normal things he’s ever given her and is sweet, thoughtful, and meaningful. The big gift this year was 1 million dollars in donations to various charities Kardashian supports. The beauty mogul’s birthday was celebrated in October. Money was given in the name of Kanye and Kim as well as North, Saint, Chicago, and Baby Psalm.

One thing that Kardashian has taken on as her cause is criminal support that the charities provide. Her meeting with President Donald Trump has made headlines. They sat down together over pardoning a grandmother imprisoned over drug charges. To be able to do more, she is currently pursuing a law degree. Stay tuned to find more about the rapper’s gifts which have left the internet in splits.

Weirdest Gifts from Kanye

One of the weirdest things West has given Kardashian includes the right to open ten Burger King Franchises as a wedding gift. True fans of the Kardashian West family have always known about their love for fast food. West has written poetry about French fries and Kim Kardashian has blogged about her favorite McDonald’s meals. Recently he’s come under fire for an ode to Chick Fil A. Also, he has included references to fast food in his song lyrics.

Giving the right to open ten Burger Kings across Europe for their wedding genuinely makes perfect sense. West’s feelings about Kardashian and fast food are clear even though the franchises never opened.

Kenny G and knick-knacks

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The beauty mogul was gifted by West was a box of Apple headphones, Adidas socks, and Mickey Mouse doll. The real gift with these gifts was stock in each of those companies. With a unique delivery method, this gift is extravagant, quirky and ridiculous. However, the most ridiculous gift that she has ever received from him is Kenny G.

On Valentine’s Day, West hired the best saxophone player to stand in their living room and serenade Kardashian. Kim posted a video on social media because it was truly bizarre and fans had questions.

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