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Surprisingly, Camera Caught Fish With Human Face In China Goes Viral While People Creeps Out  

In China, a woman saw a fish that looked like it had a human-like face and took a video of it. The woman had later posted that video on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site. It then spread to other social media sites and indeed went viral.

What Exactly Did The Woman See?

The woman was visiting Miao Village, in China, when she saw this bizarre fish with human features. The fish was a Carp and Carps had been known to have markings on them that look like a human face. However, such Carps are rare and expensive, so, surprisingly, this human-face Carp was found in a village.

The woman who initially shot the video and posted it to Weibo was excited about her discovery. And in the video, she could be heard gushing about how the fish turned into a fairy. As part of Chinese mythology, some animals can cultivate and turn into humans. So, a fish with a human face could be something some mythology buffs would find interesting.

The video of the carp shows the carp having markings that look like a man’s features, like eyes, nose, and mouth. And although such carps with human features are rare, it has been seen before. There have been sightings of such carps in Taiwan and even in the UK.

Back in 2010, a British man found out that the Carp he had repurchased a couple of months, looked different. He noticed human-like features on the Carp, and it freaked him out, and he thought he was hallucinating. His fish was estimated to be worth more than 40 thousand euros.

How Did Netizens React To This Viral Video?

Considering that it went viral, it can be assumed that they took it quite well. And since it’s such a unique video, how could it not make its way into Twitter? It did become viral on Twitter. And most netizens were rather shocked when they watched the 10-second video.

Some people thought the face looked creepy while others were just amused by how the fish looked. Some people on Weibo were quite playful about the whole thing and dared people to try and eat that fish. Some netizens on Twitter had different thoughts as well, and one person commented that this was the real Aquaman.





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