Miley Cyrus Mute Herself Till The End Of This Year, As She Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery

The ‘Party in the USA’ singer went through Vocal Cord Surgery, which she discovered after going for tonsillitis treatment last month.

Reason for silence

The reason for Miley Cyrus’s silence over social media in the recent past was her vocal cord issue. According to sources, she recently underwent surgery to fix the same. At the moment, Miley is on the mend and will stay silent until she has completely recovered. The source also mentioned that she had been instructed to remain silent for several weeks since her surgical procedure. They further added that Miley is doing great and will be back better than ever at the beginning of next year.

Miley has been discharged from the hospital. Her recent lover, Cody Simpson, dropped a hint on Instagram posting a picture of them captioned ‘Success.’

Diagnosis of the issue

Miley’s vocal cord issue came in light when she went to see the doctor for her tonsillitis last month. While getting treatment for the disease, the doctor informed her that there was a separate issue with her vocal cord. Miley had this condition for years. Her doctor ordered her to undergo surgery and let her voice reset before the end of 2019.

Consequently, her recording and performing had to be put on hold. However, this didn’t keep her from staying physically fit. Miley posted on social media- “On vocal rest, not body.”

Cancellation of shows

Because of the surgery, Miley had to cancel her scheduled recordings and performances. She had to pull out of her performance at Gorillapalooza. She was due to hit the stage with the ‘Uptown Funk’ hitmaker Bruno Mars. It was a charity gig to help Ellen DeGeneres raise funds for the conservation of Gorilla. Coldplay’s Chris Martin stepped in to replace Miley for the same as she was too sick even to attend the show, let alone perform.

The ‘Slide Away’ singer admitted to feeling low during her hospitalization last month. But her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, made sincere efforts to cheer his girl up. He wrote a special song for her, “It’s a golden thing.” The words of the song read, “And I shouted the words in the first daylight. Then a chorus of birds burst on into sight.” To this, Miley responded that she felt it was much better all of a sudden.