Latest Update On Grace Millane’s Tinder Murder Case: Suspect Says, “She Died Due To Rough Sex”

Almost a year ago, 22-year-old Grace Millane was murdered, and her body was stuffed into a suitcase. The murderer then buried her body in a forest area outside Auckland.

How Exactly Did Grace Millane Die?

Last year, on December 2nd, Grace Millane went missing in New Zealand. She was on a world tour and had reached New Zealand when things went wrong. Everything was excellent, and she even went on a Tinder date. Unfortunately, after going on the Tinder date, she was never seen again.

Grace Millane met her date on Tinder and had gone to several Auckland bars together. From the CCTV footage that was gathered, it was seen that Millane was having a good time with her date. She had even texted her friend in Britain saying that the year was going well.

The two of them then entered a hotel, and this footage was also found and used as evidence when the suspect denied claims of spending the night with the victim. The suspect then changed his story after being presented with the evidence. He claimed that they did have some rough sex together. However, she was alive when they finished. And after they were done, he allegedly went to take a shower and then went to sleep. When he woke up, he claimed that he found Grace Millane had dead.

What Is The Situation With The Suspect?

The suspect’s fate is yet to be determined. His name has not been revealed due to a suppression order. However, his lawyers are committed to pinning the death of Grace Millane as an accident. The defense is putting up a sharp struggle claiming that Grace Millane’s death happened during rough intercourse and was an accident.

It is not clear if that is the truth, but that does not explain why the suspect chose to hide the body. He could have just called the authorities if he was innocent. Instead, he researched extensively on how to get rid of the body. He then cleaned up Grace Millane’s body, stuffed it into a suitcase before burying the briefcase in a forested area.

Even if we chalk that also up as being afraid that he would be blamed, his actions after that showed he had no remorse. This suspect, after burying the body, went on another Tinder date. His actions suggest that something is seriously wrong. And everything should be resolved in the next few weeks as the trial is expected to last for four weeks.