Kodak Black, Might Charged For Lying And Contempt, Now Face A Trial Of Minimum 4.5 Years- Sources

A 22-year-old rapper was arrested earlier this year for making false statements regarding the procurement of three firearms and evidence found in his residence. He was kept in a Miami Rehabilitation center.

Charged For Lying

Kodak Black had hidden many details regarding this whole incidents. He gave incomplete details to the federal agency regarding this episode. He failed to mention that he was also a convicted felon. The 22-year-old rapper is in trouble these days. Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s lawyer, had argued that the rapper’s life was in adverse danger. He indicated this as the very reason he had to take to firearms. He had made this argument today morning. “Although it won’t be admissible in court, Kodak Black took a lie detector test to prove the threats against his life were real, thus the need for protection.” Said in insider.

Fears Danger To His Own Life

“When asked the question ‘if he purchased these weapons for self-defense,’ the Defendant answered ‘yes’ and the results were marked as 99.9% truthful,” Bradford Cohen, his lawyer remarked. “Although not admissible for purposes of trial, this report is certainly something the Court can consider in regards to sentencing.” He further added. According to his lawyer, the threats to his life had grown at an alarming rate. He says that Kodak was in grave danger and constantly feared for his death while praying for him. The 22-year-old had also taken shooting lessons after he got himself enrolled in shooting classes. He mastered to use the armored Cadillac and made a considerable deal out of it.

Rapper Says He is a Kind Soul

The rapper has indicated that otherwise, he is a very peace-loving and kind person. He says that he is also involved in a lot of philanthropic activities such as purchasing stationary for poor children, helping the victims of unwanted accidents, helping them in their lives and a lot of charity accompanied by it. He could be charged with a four and half year jail term for contempt of the federal agency.