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Just Weeks After Being Missing Californian Hiker Found Dead At Top Of Glacier, While His Baby Was Due.

Just Weeks After Being Missing Californian Hiker Found Dead At Top Of Glacier, His Baby Was Due.

After searching for three days for a Californian Hiker, he was found dead. His body is recovered from the top of a glacier Sequoia and kings national park. Alan Stringer, the aged 40-year-old a Californian hiker, went missing since Monday.
On Monday evening a missing report was filed at the Inyo Country Sheriff’s Office. And around 2:30 P.M below Mount Darwin, his body was found. This information is posted on Facebook by the Inyo Country Sheriff’s Office. And it is revealed that his wife is 37 weeks pregnant with their first child.

Would-Be Father Could Not See The Face Of His Child And The Social Media Was Saddened After The News Spread.

Stringer did not tell anyone his plans about hiking or the routes. And the authorities said he had bought climbing items and did a mountaineering course. His car was found after midnight on Tuesday. Stringer was known as an experienced hiker. He loved the outdoor adventures, although he never disclosed his hiking plans or routes.

The Search Team Was Deployed As Soon As The News Was Out, And They Recovered The Body Soon But It Was Too Late.

An analysis of Stringer’s call records found that he had made one call on November 3. Inyo sheriff’s search team and rescue crews deployed helicopter and night visions during the search. He was reported missing on Monday by his family after going for a hike near the Bishop area on Sunday. Temperatures went well below freezing last week in the high elevation of the trails at North Lake, near where his vehicle was spotted. A cause of death has not been revealed.

“A good friend of ours tragically lost her husband this week, and she is 37 weeks pregnant with their first infant. We want to gather baby and mama necessities for her, so she doesn’t have to worry for the first year, ” is written in a post by GoFundMe page. It continued with “We are heartbroken, and we just want to help his wife, family, and unborn baby girl,”

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