Insiders Finally Talk A Bit About Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Second Exclusive Oscars After-Party!

This year, the paparazzi used every possible means to stay in the loop as Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s Oscar after-party is growing to be the next big thing. Two celebrities who were lucky enough to attend this exclusive party revealed that it was awesome.

What Information Do We Have About This Year’s Party?

According to sources, Emilia Clarke and Regina King revealed that they had attended this party. They also confirmed that it was the most fabulous party of all time. Emilia Clarke and Regina King gave away this information on The Graham Norton Show.

The two of them talked about how things worked in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s party. They said that the party was held in a parking lot. A very decked up parking lot, so in short, it looks beautiful. When they walked down the stairs, they saw a sign that said, no phones, no social media, no nothing. The two of them did not understand what the big deal was till they entered the party.

According to Emilia Clarke, the party was hallowed ground. This description is relatively accurate, considering the number of bigwigs that attend this party. I mean imagine, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Leonardo De Caprio, Adele, Drake, Chis Evan, and so many others all in one area chilling out and just enjoying the party. That’s like the stuff of dreams and hallucinations. Thus, Clarke’s excitement was understandable.

What About Beyonce And Jay-Z’s First Party?

This year’s Oscar after-party by Beyonce and Jay Z wasn’t the first party the duo had arranged. They had arranged a party last year which was kept under wraps. It was done on the down-low and was very hush-hush.

According to sources, even the couple’s A-lit friends had no idea about the party. The party was top secret and very exclusive. Someone revealed that the couple had wanted to mess with everyone’s minds and keep everything mysterious and unique.

Even the staff of the hotel were not allowed to call Beyonce and Jay Z by name and were asked to refer to them as ‘host and hostess.’ Allegedly, the stars who managed to attend the party were offered ‘Ace of Spades champagne and offered socks and slippers.’ The socks and slippers were for those that wanted to relax their tired feet after the awards.