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Stun Doctor- Innocent Man Paralyzed With Skull Shrink Half Of The Brain Size, Meanwhile Attacker Walks Free After Only Serving 72 Days In Jail

Imagine walking down a road after work in the great city if New York. You would probably think that that sounds good or tiring. You would most likely be thinking about your family and what you want t0o to do after reaching home. But what if you get attacked. A sudden attack that leaves you paralyzed and shatters half of your skull.


Well, that is precisely what had happened to Steven Augustine, 32. He was on his way home after work when he got attacked by Charles Miles. He has been in a medically induced coma since 28th May 2019. Miles, who got sentenced to 365 days of prison time at Ulster county Jail, walks free after just 72 days.


Defense lawyers have proved that the injury sustained by Augustine was an accident and not Miles fault. They have claimed that Miles had only punched him after which he hit the road and shattered half his skull. There is also no proof that miles intended to cause any serious physical harm to Augustine. Due to this reasoning, he can not be charged with felony assault charges. The Defence lawyer further says, “The injuries are consistent with his face were consistent with a single punch. The skull fracture was consistent with a fall backward.”


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The medical records have another story to tell. According to the report, Augustine’s condition is caused due to blunt force trauma. It is not a punch or the road but something close to a baseball bat that made the injury. Half of his skull was shattered in the attack and had to be removed. He is currently suffering from sunken brain syndrome.

Mr. Augustine has been suffering from severe seizures. The medication used for them is damaging his livers. The family is trying to raise money for his surgery, where the doctors will plant a metal skull where his skull used to be. “He cries every time he sees his sons Michael, 7, and Steven junior, 11, – they cry too because they miss their daddy so much,” says Donna, Augustine’s mother.

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